Entry Requirements

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Applicants to programmes on offer will need to satisfy the following entry requirements:

CERTIFICATE: AT 3 SGCE or O’Level credits including English .Mathematics may be required for specific certificates as demanded by the programme regulations

DIPLOMA: At least 5 credits including English/or a Certificate from the institution or any other recognized national tertiary training institution.

DEGREE: At last 5 credits including English /or a Diploma from a recognized institution.

POST GRADUATE DIPLOMA:/At least a full diploma or degree from a recognized institution.

MASTERS: A full degree from a recognized institution

NB: Learners lacking the required credits may enroll in the foundation programme before being registered in their programme of choice. Details of the foundation programme can be furnished to interested students at the centre.

Mode of study

All courses are available on full time and part time bases. Degree programmes may also be offered on block release. The University takes great importance in progressive learning from certificate level to a degree level hence holders of certificates and diplomas from recognized academic institutions of higher learning are especially encouraged to apply.

Assessment Systems

All programmes will be subject to the following assessment methods:

Assessment and tests

These will form continuous assessment and will contribute towards the final semester mark to appear on the student’s academic record. Assignment and tests will form 40% of the overall assessment of each individual course in a programme. A student who scores less than 20% in the course work assessments is ineligible to be registered for an examination.


Nearly all programmes at the University are assessed by means of examinations per course at the end of each semester .Examinations will form 60% of the overall assessment mark per course in a programme.

Job attachments

A number of programs, particularly at diploma and degree levels, will demand a student to be attached to a relevant department in an organization..


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Our Mission

The mission of Citec University College is to educate the citizens and citizen-leaders for our society.

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Our Vision

Citec University College will provide excellent educational opportunities that are responsive to the needs of the community and help students meet economic, social, and environmental challenges to become active participants in shaping the world of the future.

Citec University College will be closed on the 20th of December for the festive season and reopening on the 4th of January 2020. Remember Registration is ongoing.

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